Вантажні перевезення
Послуги з вантажних перевезень

Надаємо послуги з перевезення будь-яких вантажів вантажопідйомністю до 2т. мікроавтобусом з тентованою платформою.



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Welding works

Welding is one of the types of services that you can order at LLC "УКРІНПРОМ"

We carry out the following types of welding: electric welding, semi-automatic welding, argon welding.

Production of metal structures of any complexity.

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Manufacturing of technological equipment
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Cutting sheet metal

We perform cutting of sheet metal by cutting with a plasma cutter hypertherm powermax 65, thickness of black metal up to 25mm, corrosion-proof up to 16mm.

Metal for order fulfillment can be delivered both by the client and used from own stock. The main areas of metal cutting works are

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Bending of sheet metal

Sheet metal bending on CNC hydraulic machine differs in high accuracy, stability and identity of bent angles. The use of different types of tools allows bending of metal in the range from 0.5 mm to 15 mm with any bending radius. It should be noted that the bending of sheet metals has a length

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Rolling of sheet metal
Services of rolling of sheet metal

Such a procedure, as rolling, allows you to make a quality sheet of cylindrical shape.

Our customers order this service if they need to make a tank, boiler, tank or other container that can be used in the food, chemical and engineering industries.

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