Cutting sheet metal

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Cutting sheet metal

We perform cutting of sheet metal by cutting with a plasma cutter hypertherm powermax 65, thickness of black metal up to 25mm, corrosion-proof up to 16mm.

Metal for order fulfillment can be delivered both by the client and used from own stock. The main areas of metal cutting works are services for various spheres of activity ranging from catering (tables, sinks), decorative furnishings for rooms (plinths, upholstery, various decor details), to construction (channels, billets, doors, racks, various metal structures), and even instrumentation.

How to place an order for plasma cutting:
  1. We agree on the phone with the Customer the possibility of cooperation;
  2. The customer sends to our e-mail drawings in the CAD system: Compass, Coral, Autocad, any CAD system. The drawings should be 1 to 1 without any additional lines (without folding lines), maximum one control size can be set to verify scale;
  3. Based on the drawings, we calculate the total cost of plasma cutting, taking into account the discount on the volume of the order;
  4. The customer makes the payment and we take the order into work;
  5. We issue a ready order to the Client or send it to the specified address in Ukraine through favorable delivery services.