Rolling of sheet metal

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Rolling of sheet metal

Services of rolling of sheet metal

Such a procedure, as rolling, allows you to make a quality sheet of cylindrical shape.

Our customers order this service if they need to make a tank, boiler, tank or other container that can be used in the food, chemical and engineering industries. This method is suitable for the production of pipes and other parts used in construction, as well as for the manufacture of decorative elements in the form of curls for forged gates.

In general, the technology is designed for both standard and rather non-standard tasks relevant to our clients.

Suitable materials include galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and ferrous metals.

Advantages of ordering rolling in LLC "УКРІНПРОМ":

  • Work as per our drawings and according to the customer's sketches. In addition, we can independently draw the details you need.
  • The company employs experienced professionals who are thoroughly aware of all the nuances of this operation.
  • The high quality of the procedure is achieved through the use of modern machines that allow you to accurately adhere to the necessary deformation mode of your material.
  • Democratic price for sheet metal rolling, which is calculated depending on the complexity of the order and the timing of its implementation.

If you need to bend steel, aluminum or other metal quickly and qualitatively, contact the experts of LLC "УКРІНПРОМ".

We have extensive experience in the field and have many techniques for processing different materials, as well as guarantee the timely production of all the parts and blanks you need.